Company Christmas Lunch

So this year my company had our Christmas Lunch at a Holiday Inn. This paticular Holiday Inn had an outside eating Atrium located within the center of the complex. I had my truck parked with the tail end facing an emergency exit to the parking lot. After not winning any of the prize drawing me and a friend went to my truck and dumped the entire 7 gallon tank charged at 200 psi. There were close to 200 people in that Atrium…The people that did know it was me said I was truel Evil…LOL:rolleyes:

Hahaha I can picture that. Did you boss know it was you?

He didnt until the following week, He happened to open a bar with a couple of other directors. Stupid me condumed too much bruskies on his opening night and when I left I did the same thing. He wasnt a happy camper but did like the sound. LOL, Gotta learn some control. :wink:

haha when i worked at costco i honked my horn at everyone one of my 6 managers. i call it revenge when they made me do a $hitty task

i like to scare people at bars cause they drop there drinks is awesome

red dogs…LOL and elmers

mcdintons… and behind kelseys job is the best!!!

lol awesome

lol i love sonic drive thrus those overhangs echo causeing a few drinks to spill