Comparision Question...

Ok, so I have a pretty good idea of where each horn ranks in terms of loudness, authenticity, and overall quality, but I have had a burning question for a long time now. This is going to sound REALLY stupid, but why are the K5LA’s louder than the Shocker’s? I mean, on the site, it’s only showing a 4dB increase over the Shocker. I DO NOT DOUBT THE LOUDNESS AT ALL! It’s just that I don’t understand some of the technical aspects of these horns. I have no plans to buy a K5LA or anything (my mom would remove a certain part of my body if I dropped over two grand on that lol) but I just wanted to know 1) Why are they so loud, and 2) How do they REALLY compare to the Shocker kits?

I truly wish I had the K5LA’s, but even if I had the money…they won’t fit in my Focus lol :smiley:

Listen to the shockers, then go to the railroad tracks and listen to a train. They are louder because, for one thing, they are thick aluminum, not plastic. The diaphragms are biggers as well as a few other things that make a difference (they’re way bigger).

and 4 dBs is a lot, especially in the 150+ range. For every 10dBs the loudness doubles in relation with the human ear.

so what is the comprasion based on…??

k5la vs shocker 4

what about a leslie s5-t vs shocker 4

he was just wondering some horns are louder. and on the Hornblaster site it rates them as only having a 4 dB difference. thats why he didnt compare it with a Leslie RS5-T, bc it didnt have the specs on the site

$240 vs $1,300
dudeeee thats like 5 sets of s4s mannnnn

I would love to hear some shockers for real and not just in a video. I bet they are krazy loud… But, I know by-far, hands down which is louder at 130-150 psi on top of an engine from blowing them every day i work… anyone care to guess between the K5LLa, k5La and the rs-5t???

I posted a comparison video between my K5LA and Bixby1980’s Shocker set.