Complete K3 setup for sale

Selling the setup I had in my 04 Civic
K3 horns
Viair 480c compressor
1/2" solenoid
150psi pressure switch
5 gallon tank
Individual mounting brackets for each bell.
It’s “plug and play” right now minus airline
Asking $1000obo for everything.
Bells have been glass bead blasted/acid washed and are ready for paint
Located in Pittsburgh
Any questions, feel free to ask.

I know everyone likes pictures. Here’s everything. I might have some other odd and ends to toss in as well.

Everything at once? If not, how much for the horns, mounting brackets, manifold and 1/2 ptc connector to the Valve?

I’d like to sell everything at once but I know that isn’t easy. Make me an offer on what you want. They’re just sitting in my basement taking up space.

I’ll have to pass on the horns, I don’t think they will fit on my car (small euro car )

Still have horns

Im interested in your setup. Do you still have it for sale?

Still for sale. I’ll try to check this more frequently.

-edit: no answer in 4 weeks so I think offer was not good :stuck_out_tongue: -

I’m close to Pittsburgh and could pick this up. Would be interested in selling just the horns? I’m not trying to beat you up, I have everything but the horns

My apologies, this setup is sold. I forgot to update this post.