Complete set-up, with Nathan P3 airchimes....

I have sold my Tundra, and gotten a new truck. If these don’t sell, I’ll put them on the new truck…just seeing if anyone was interested.

The setup:

Hornblasters 5 gallon eight port tank

Vaair 450C compressor

SMC 1/2" nickel-plated valve

Nathan P3 airchimes

Vaair 110-150psi pressure switch/relay

Screw-in air pressure gauge

Air tank drain valve and pressure blow-off valve

Brass fittings for connecting hoses to the tank and horns

The video I made after the install on my Tundra.

You might not even need a thing, with what I’d give you. I have the wire I used in the Tundra, and the switches inside have about 12 feet of wire going to them from the rear of the truck. I have a toggle switch to cut the compressor on and off as I please, and the activation button for the horns themselves. There is a pressure switch on the tank that will cut the compressor on/off from 110-150psi, but sometimes I just didn’t want the compressor running…so I had it switched as well.

The horns sound GREAT, these are actual service horns off of a train on the west coast. They ended up being much louder than I expected, which obviously is not a problem. :smiley: Everything is in a box, I just need to package it up for a safe transport to a new home…if anyone is interested.

Let me know…asking $1000.

You have NO idea how tempted I am right now …


I’ve installed everything on my Trailblazer SS…but will gladly take them off, for asking price (firm). :slight_smile:


Bump…entertaining selling these again, to buy more firearms. I dont have to sell them, and don’t really want to…but I have too many toys as it is. :slight_smile:

Someone make me an offer I can’t refuse, and I’ll take these things off the truck tonight and ship them tomorrow!

All I am looking for are just the horns…I have everything else.

trade you a brand new glock 17 9mm in box with night sights for the p3 and just the tank??? maybe 100 rounds down the tube

sent you a PM i have a offer

If I can get interest on the rest of the items, I will part it out.


Replied to your PM. Fwiw, the horns alone wouldn’t get you the trade for just the gun. My PM reply was for the whole system though…I didn’t check my thread before replying to your PM.

Yeah I just wanted the bells and tank. Not the whole setup. I could see your frustration in the PM lol. The gun holds 17 in the clip one in the tube. Comes with two mags night sights original box uncle mikes holster 150 rounds let me know if u wanna break up the kit

Fwiw I was not offering the gun for the whole kit just the bells and tank lol

No frustration at all, just clarifying. For what I can get that gun for brand new, it’d still take some cash also for the trade you are seeking.

Sent an e-mail to a buddy of mine (he’s on here bt not alot) that was insterested in a P-3. I’ll let you know if he wants it.


gonna have to hold off on the trade with me adding boot, I can get a brand new p3 from jackson performance for less than what i have in the glock. and that 5 gallon tank for about 70 shipped. I understand you can get the LEO price on these but thats still 425, my price was 550 but thats my problem not yours, lol i have tru glo nights sights on this one that were 75 bucks, A brand new uncle mikes holster that was 25, two boxes of ball point that was 25 and a box of hollow points that was 20. I feel like it would be a fair strait up trade but understand where you are coming from. Thanks for keeping me in mind and let me know if anything changes. Also PM me a cash price on Just the horns if you break up the system

i am interested in your full set up, but the hornblasters kit ( is only a $100 more brand new, i was wondering if you were a bit more flexable in your price. unless you have the k3la or im looking at a different kit.