compressor 12 volt or 24

I was wondering if there is a benefit going to the 24 volt vs the 12 volt. I run a in a truck with a diesel, so I have two batteries so it would be no big deal to run 12 or 24 volts. Any thoughts out their about the pros and cons.


24-volt compressors pull fewer amps than their 12-volt counterparts.

This goes along with the #1 rule of power.

When voltage goes up, amp draw goes down & vice versa.

Thank you Lance, for you quick reply. What about the longevity of the pump will it last longer? Or will it just draw fewer amps? Which would you do?

Run time is comparable, if not the same whether you go 12- or 24-volt. The 24-volt version and 12-volt version turn at nearly the same RPM under no load.

A 12 or 24-volt compressor, when properly installed and kept from drawing outside elements internally - should last between 300-500 hours. Even then, it may be rebuilt and last another 300-500 hours. As lon as the motor holds up, all other parts can be rebuilt or replaced, ad nauseum

Thank you Lance.

Anytime bro…

My pleasure to help.

how do you charge 2 batteries, configured in series for 24V, from a 12V system without a switch?

I believe there are two seperate circuits. The charging system runs in the series to charge the batteries from the alternator. The one circuit draws of of one battery and runs all my 12 volt components. The starter and glo plugs, I believe are the only things that need the 24 volts and that is run in the series on the other circuit.

I hope that helps.

2 different circuits sounds like it would work but I guess I need to see a schematic to understand how it works.

Dan, I was wrong. It is not a 24 volt system. The two batteries in my truck are in parallel. The glow plugs and starter are on a 12 volt system they just draw a lot of amps.

Sorry for any confusion, I thought you should know. :o I found this to be very interesting, and it does make my life a little more interesting now that I have 24 volt compressors. :confused:

Live and Learn,


No problem, have you looked into exchanging them for 12V?

No, I will still use them. I will just have to rethink a few things. The pumps will be on their own power system, and not connected to the truck batteries.