compressor and or air kit for Nathan K3

I bought a horn system with a 2.5g reservoir and dual pumps from Seige Engineering a couple years ago. I had so many problem with the horns vibrating apart i finally said to hell with it.

I bought a Nathan K3 and have been running it with the Seige air system only at 125psi. Now one of the compressors has failed and takes forever to fill the tank.

Im looking into getting a quality compressor or system to use with my airchimes. I bought the previous stuff not knowing anything and cause it was cheap.

I could really use some advise of what to go with. I dont want to break the bank but lol is it possible when it comes to train horns lol

I will always suggest getting the Oasis XD3000. Sure it costs more but it performs like 5 or more of the smaller compressors all running at the same time and it has over 5 times the life expectancy.

Oasis compressors
Viair 480 or any viair in ur price range but dual 480 is nice…

Or an engine driven compressor

Those are only ones I recommend

Yo it’s a lot easier then this… give Garrett a call at 877 209 8179 He will hook ya up…