Compressor and tank set up

Hey guys. im looking for the optimum set up on a compressor and tank set up with a horn. the only issue i have is the winter months. living in ontario our temps range from -20 degrees (-4 f) to 45 degrees(113 f) i am a truck driver who is used to emptying tanks but i was wondering the best set up. i have heard that if you mount the compressor above the tank then the compressor drains into the tank which would be better. i have also heard about the anti freeze in the tank just enough to keep everything lubed up and de iced. at the moment i have this cheap POS that just goes compressor to horn. i would like to get away from that. where the set up would be mounted is at the back of my 04 2500 hd. i have removed the spare tire so i have tons of room. i was thinking about having the compressor high in the frame then the tank below it with a slight bend in the line. it would all be mounted on a skid plate for protection. the other question is the length of line to the horn. i know that its better to have a short line but if i was to extend it to the grill would i lose a ton of pressure? any help would be incredible.

In Canada as well, used to having compressors freezing up from doing carpentry over the years. I mounted my ViAir in a truck box in the bed, and the tank under the truck fender.

Make sure you have a drain nozzle pointing down and wouldnt hurt to drain it every few days. Any ice will settle to the bottom… Could always use a heat source to melt any ice from the drain peacock. (In the past, I used light bulbs, torch, etc on the job sites)

Length of hose dont matter, the line will stay pressurized to your valve. If you have your valve right at the horns, you wouldnt see any difference.

Most compressors and solenoid valves are rate to -20 so your main issue would be water freezing in the air lines.