compressor burning smell

hi everyone i have a 450c compressor and i recently just started smelling a burning smell coming from my compressor. why would the compressor do that and is it bad?

what kind of burning smell? mine gets up to 74degC when filling up my tank from zero to 125 so if you had some oil or grease on the outside of the cylinder fins, it would smell. but not enough for paper to catch fire. not really sure if the smell from something burning inside the comp would get out because it is sealed.

Only smell I ever get from them is the glue that holds the head bolts in. You will notice it turn really yellow if the compressor is running for awhile.

well when i run the compressor its usually just for like 80psi-145psi because i keep my tank filled 24/7 but i just hooked up an air hose for air tools and stuff for it and so now the compressor is ran for extended periods of time. it hasnt been smelling lately so i think it just was that glue curt s was talkin bout. idk though cuz it smelled like burning electronics (if you know what i mean by that lol.)

Are the wires hot? If so, you’re pulling high amps and your wires are too small in gauge size. Are you operating the compressor WITH the engine running so that the compressors are getting charging voltage? If not, you can damage the compressors from low voltage / high amperage operation.

How old are these pumps?