compressor help

ok just hooked my shocker horns vx228 bass oven horns I"m having a lil issue with the compressor I notice when I’m driving and the compressor is running there a change of tone when I’m driving the compressor sounds like there’s a lot power draining it when I let off the gas it running with more power. now I’m trying to post a wiring diagram layout that I drew the I have everything install but its not letting me post the pics to this forum so ima try to describe how I have everything hooked up. ok so from the positive side of battery red wire with a fude 3inches away from battery that red wire continues to relay #30/#85 ground/ #87 to positive red wire of compressor & pressure switch now the black wire from those 2 to a ground. now #86 to toggle switch the other wire of that toggle switch to acc power + with a fuse tap. so that controls the on/off off the compressor. now for the valve it has 2 wires one is to the ground & the other wire to the push button & the other wire to that push button to the positive side of the battery with a fuse. everything works just that lil issue of the compressor with change of tone if someone can help maybe you had that same problem thank you

Multiple topics for the same issue are less useful than one-stop-shopping w/ everything in the same topic.

Car electrics are notoriously unregulated. Sounds to me like you’re just hearing different compressor speeds. The factors that can all play a part include (but are not limited to):

  • voltage drop
  • amperage load
  • alternator output
  • wiring

It sounds like either something is drawing more power as you accelerate or the alternator has an issue. Maybe it’s not powerful enough or has a bad voltage regulator.

^^^^ What they said above. 1, check battery connections. 2. check alternator connections. if they are real dirty The battery and alt will have a very hard time functioning try cleaning them up. If they are clean then 3, check and make sure the wires running to compressor can handle the amps the Compressor requires to run.