Compressor inside ported subwoofer box?

Can you mount the Viair 2 gallon kit from HB inside a ported subwoofer box? The subwoofer will be a dummy and not hooked up. Just cautious of heat build up, and if a speaker port will be enough for it to get air? I’m considering this so I can hide everything, and to help muffle the noise a little more.

Don’t see why not if the box has enough airspace so it doesn’t heat up real fast.
You could always add a fan that comes on with the compressor since you wouldn’t see it.

X2 I highly recommend a fan and if possible have it blowing across the compressor head. Grainger has some small fans similiar to those in a computer or frequency drive. They are 12volt DC low amperage and high CFM. Will try getting a picture posted tommorow of a few that I have.

That’s what I was thinking. Not only that, but fresh air would be the best. Cut a hole in a side of the box out of view to mount the fan blowing inward. Then locate the compressor head in the enclosure right in front of the fan.

The original enclosure vent would act as the exhaust.

Thats what I was going to mention on where to mount the fan. Also as for being in the cab, the A/C in the car conditions the air and removes humidity which helps with moisture inside the tank.

You could also run a perma wire to it and use one of these to turn on a fan when it gets to a certain temp and turn off when it is cooled off…

Temp Switch

Only the air intake filter needs to be in the cab to help keep moisture in the tank to a minimum. If you can stand the noise then mounting your compressor in the cab will keep it nice for many years.

I am going to bring this back up. I am mounting the viar 20005 kit inside a box. The entire back of the box has been removed to allow enough air to the compressor. Will I have any issues if the top of the compressor is sitting 1/2" from the top of the speaker box? I can line it with aluminum foil tape if it will help. Also the back of my seats are going to sit about 5-6" away from the compressor. Any issues with that? I am finishing up the wiring right now so I haven’t felt how hot the compressor gets. I will post up some pictures later for opinions.

Viair compressors will get hot, but I dont see them getting hot enough to cause any problems. I would try adding a small fan just to gaurentee no problems, plus extended compressor life.(possibly)

Yeah, as long as it’s not touching the seat, you’re good to go.
That’s good advice though to aim a small fan at the compressor head.
You would never see it or hear it inside that box. Just connect it to the compresor relay.

My dual viairs barely rubbed the back of the back seat no problems from heat.