Compressor Install JK Wrangler

Hi Guys,

I need some advice on a system for my JK Wrangler, currently I’m leaning to a Viair 2on2 system p/n30001 ( which mounts on the JK front cross bar. Seems a good idea as there is no issues with tank locating and compressor mounting. It is expensive and has a 2gal tank but solves where to put it. Is this a good system and is 2gal going to be big enough?

There appears to be a number of specific JK kits that mount the compressor and tank separately (Dominion off road but they appear to only be LHD kits, I’m in Australia and have a RHD JK.

I don’t want to mount the tank internally but there seems to be a limited places to mount a tank where it would be protected from damage. Any one have any ideas?

As for horns, not sure what to get, the Nathan K3 is awesome but again where would be the best place to mount it and what other options are there?

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum. Do you air down when going off road? If so, do you use automatic tire deflators and what brand? What size tires do you have? Wouldn’t dual ARB’s cost less there and fill the tank just as fast?

Mount the compressor air filter(s) inside. The other air system components can go just about any place they’ll fit. If you have room above the bottom of a frame rail a skinny tank might be out of harms way.

The others here will have to let you know about the horns and their valves.

cheers Dan,

just running std Tires and Rims at the moment though will be changing that when time and money allows. Getting by with an ARB E-ZY deflator which works pretty well.

I was hoping on getting away without having to drill too much into the chassis and not run air hoses everywhere hence looking at the Viair as I can pretty much contain it under the bonnet and just run the air hose to the horns, though I do have a twin cylinder 12v compressor that I could mount under the front seats and then mount the tank on the rail underneath, just would mean a bit more stuffing around and more cabling and hoses.

Hey… another Ozzie! Welcome to the forums mate. A tough call if you intent mounting the compressor either under the hood or externally to the car. Not sure where you’re based, but it gets too darn hot in with the engine… I wouldn’t feel good about mounting the compressor there.

Early on I had a single Viair under the car with the tank, but I soon got tired of the damage and muck it suffered going off road. I now have twin 480’s tucked inside and they work a charm. I reckon find a spot on the inside somewhere so you don’t expose them to the elements.

If they really must go outside, I 2nd the pick of the ARB or perhaps Air Zenith OB2. Viair is OK but not as tough and well built as the other two.

Now to the horns… K3 is the bomb, but can be difficult to fit. Check into the Shocker kits - you’ll squeeze them in just about anywhere.


thanks for the reply. I’m in Sydney so not as hot as where you are! Love your setup! wouldn’t have thought about putting the horns in front of the radiator. Not sure I have enough room to do that with the Jeep but worth a look.

Where did you get your horn and hardware from? I was thinking a Graham White as well but obviously it needs to be plumbed in rather than just wired in.

What about tank size? any recommendations? It could be possible to mount one under the rear seat so might be able to get a skinny tank to fit there with a larger capacity, you’re mounted in the boot?



Yeah I’ve got the compressors and tank in the back under a false floor section I built. Got most of my gear through Hornblasters. Good bunch to deal with… just make sure you order everything you want in one hit because postage is a killer to get all the bits down here.