compressor install location

Im in the process of installing my k3’s with the hb 540 kit. I have no bed cover or tool box so I don’t want to put the tank and compressor in the bed due to.someone stealing them. I’m considering putting then under the bed with the horns, but I’m not sure about some things. Is it ok with the water/road salt etc. I can remote mount my filter but where to keep it dry? Where does everyone mount there’s?

I’ve seen a lot of pics where trucks had them mounted in front of the radiator. The air filter can be in the cab or tie your intake into the vehicle’s.

It would take a whole lot for somebody to steal any mounted items inside a mounted toolbox. It would take me about 30mins to completely remove my system and i know where all the bolts are. Unless they crowbar and carry out the whole box.

Also, if you do install underbed, you can simply bend a few pieces of sheetmetal on a cornice brake to protect your tank/compressor from most water