Compressor is not Pumping!!! Please Help!!

Hey guys, I could really use some advice,
My compressor is not turning over, or pumping. It is claimed to have a resistance to dust, although I am concerned. It has dust marks on the inside of the air pressure gauge, block my ability to see the numbers in the gauge. When I flip the switch to turn on the compressor, only something very slight happens. When I get really close, and really quiet, I can hear very soft noises, as if small particles are bouncing around in the tank. I do not know how to fix this, but please, someone help me do so before i end up spending yet again even MORE money fixing this setup.

Sidenote: I am 100% sure that the wiring is correct and functioning properly.

First thing i would do is drain the tank. You shouldnt hear anything inside the tank.

Knowing what type of compressor you have would help.

If it has a airfilter on it, take it off and turn the compressor on and listen close to see if you have hear any air leaks when you cycle it off…

Also, your brushes might be sticking on the compressor. Also pending on the compressor you have , the viar brushes are in the back where the wires exit… If this is yours, tap the compresor back by the wires with a rubber mallet when its trying to start.

Could you tell me how to drain it? I am worried that if I take it apart, and put it back together, it will no longer have an air tight seal. For the hose I used thread tape and Indian Head Gasket sealant. It worked fine.

Here is the compressor stats. It is 12V, 3L tank. 110psi:

One-piece tank compressor system
Dimensions: 15.75" L x 5.25" W x 6.75" H
Max Working Pressure: 110 PSI
Tank Capacity:*3 liters
Pressure Switch Settings:*85 PSI on, 105 PSI off
Duty Cycle: 15%
CFM @ 0 PSI: 1.76
Amp Draw: 17

The tank should have a drain valve on the bottom port, no need to take anything apart.

I don’t think it does, I looked but didn’t see one

Does it have a port at the bottom, but with a plug in it?
If so, you should take it out and put in a drain fitting.

How do I drain it if it’s securely mounted. That’s the issue
I have. If I can at least get it running, or pumping, then I can just take off the end of the hose and pump out all the small dust.

I remembered, just now, I was driving down the road, and I heard a huge bang, like a shotgun almost. I thought my hose busted yet again, but I hit my button and the horns worked. It seems like just a few times after that I could use the horns, but then I couldn’t. Do you think maybe that compressor caused that bang? Or might it have just been a backfire. It didn’t sound like something that happened before, I have misfires all the time. Maybe that can help with a solution…

Ok back to your original post… IMO, It kind of sounds like he compressor is seized up.
You say your wiring is 100% correct, but you should really check the compressor ground. Make sure the metal is still clean and shiny.

The ground is secure. I disconnected the ground and tested it’s charge, it worked. The ground is properly bolted to the frame. I know something happened to the compressor, I just don’t know where to start and how to fix it

Can you post pictures of the compressor. Those specs sound like one of these kits…

And to be honest, if it is. You wont find parts to fix it. Better off getting a viair compressor and a tank to fit your needs.

That is the exact same on, except I bought the one with 3 horns for $199.99, from mypushcart.

Did you buy it recent to where u can have them warranty it? If not go through them to see if he has replacement parts. I would bet they dont. If not, cut your losses as a learning experience and get a viair compressor and tank to suit needs.

It sux, but a lot of us on here have gone down the road of buying crap from ebay sellers that came directly from china… Myself included bought a kit from siege eng. back in the day off ebay. And when that breaks everyone ends up coming here to the forum to get advice and we refer back to

Sorry to rant , but we see to much of these cheap units causing problems.

All is well guys. I took a risk, and it paid off. I disassembled the compressor, saw a combination of water and dust (mud) in the pump, and the tank. I drained it, and dried it with a larger air compressor hose. It runs perfectly fine now, and I am re-mounting it in the bed of the truck, and cover it with a custom built frame. Thanks for all of the advice, I learned a lot about this compressor and how it works, just by taking it apart.