Compressor Issues

Hey all. I have the Viair 444c. The compressor runs, but wont pump any air out. When you kill the power to the compressor, it runs for a few more seconds as like its slowing down on the inside, as in there is no pressure to stop it from running. Not sure if that makes sense or not.

But anyway, check valve is brand new. I spoke with a rep via telephone and he said to email them some photos. So I did. Currently, the only issues we found so far, is its dirty inside, and he said the cylinder wall looks scratched So I wonder if its not getting any compression because of that.

I come here to get a second opinion and a second set of eyes on the photos. Let me know what yall think


It sounds like a connection between the motor and piston is no longer connected. The piston should produce some air flow if it’s moving, even if the cylinder wall is scratched.

Best thing to do is fit new reed valves, piston ring & cylinder head, they are cheap as chips, HornBlasters will sell you everything you need to repair the compressor:D