Compressor not working

I have the 4 horn kit with the compressor the size of a shoebox in the back of my infiniti g35. I’ve had the kit for almost three years now and now my compressor won’t work. Usually when I start my car, i can hear the compressor tank filling up with air, then this past week, my compressor doesn’t work now:mad: I did notice that the red wire connecting to the tank was burnt and looked black, so i had that replaced thinking that would solve my problem, but it still doesn’t work. Can anybody tell me what the problem may be? Thanks in advance.

First thing i would do is hook up to a new ground and run a wire dirrectly to the batt and try and turn it on that way (just to jump test it)

If that turns it on next i would hook up the pressure switch to it with relays, and i’m betting you will find your problem by then. It could also be a bad ground. or something as simple as bad wire.

i bet it blew your fuse…or in this case u better hope u had one on it…

u burnt up ur pressure switch… happens to the best of us… u can replace the switch easily and it will work fine… or bypass the pressure switch for the time being until u get a new pressure switch in