Compressor Question

I am awaiting the arrival of my Bandit 400 kit. I was wondering if you needed to manually turn off the compressor when it is at capacity or will it automatically shut off and restart when needed.

The compressor hooks up to a pressure switch… Depending on which kit you got the compressor will turn on and off at its pressure switch points.

it has a pressure switch and will shut off when it reaches the set psi

Alright thanks! I was hoping it did lol. I know some others don’t and I imagine it would get pretty annoying to control the compressor while your trying to scare people.

The only other way to do that would be to monitor the pressure with gauge in the vehicle. Any distraction while the compressor is running could make it run over its max pressure rating before you get it shut off and you don’t want that.

It is always best to use a pressure switch!