compressor refill time calculator

this is awesome. and the guy that designed it is incredibly intelligent; i can vouch for 2 different compressors on this calculator that i’ve personally used with my setup…its damn near dead on. check it out! its fun to put ridiculous things in like a 30 gallon tank and 5 oasis xd2000’s lol

that is amazing!!!

I dont think that this calculator is reall on the mark…it says that 1-380c can fill a 20 gallon air tank in 15 minutes to 200psi…it takes a single 380c about 13 minutes to fill my 7 gallon on my humvee

yea it saying my 2 480c takes 3 min 45 sec to fill my 15gal

its says my one 480c will fill up the 3 gallon in a minute and 14 sec…

is the calculator from 0psi or refill time?

And the guy who made the Calculator he is an awesome guy…He knows his shiit!!

im thinkin a refill

i agree i think its a refill time from the selected pressure switch time

its refill times, NOT from 0 psi, thats why it asks what pressure switch you’re running…i saw him explain how he figures it out based on cfm at certain air pressures per manufacturers claims and some other stuff in an insanely long formula. i always sucked at algebra so im glad theres this little tool

have you seen his “the boost air system” he created for ppl with bagged vehicles?? if i remember correctly it recycles the air dumped from the bags back into the supply somehow. it cuts refill times in half or so he claims

What about his electric mouse trap that he made? haha

haha that mouse trap was crazy!!! 10,000 volts!! i never heard if he got the mouse or not…lol

what??? i guess i missed that story somewhere lol

damn, its pretty accurate with mine. maybe a couple secs +/-

DJAudio knows his stuff

That system also preloads the intake pressure of the compressor - forcing it to pull higher amperage. This can cause a compressor to prematurely wear…

Because of this, no VIAIR is warranted against such abuse.

That calculator is slow for the Oasis compressors. To get accurate times you need to enter a custom setting of 8 CFM @ 200 PSI.

In theory the boost system should be like staging compressors where you want to achieve higher pressures. Without actually testing it, it’s hard to say whether it poses a problem with Oasis compressors.