Compressor runs and runs and runs...


So just when I think I’ve addressed all the issues up comes a new one. Lastnight I pulled my glowshift air gauge because I did a shity job of mounting it in my vehicle. SO I corrected it, tefloned the fittings and put it all back together. Didn’t even touch the pressure switch or any other components. This morning I got to check everything and turn on the compressor, fills up, to 160psi, doesn’t shut off, goes to 180, and that when I switch the compressor off ( I have a masterswitch for the pressure switch/compressor circuit). Does this mean the pressure switch is hooped? All was working fine until yesterday. I switch it off to avoid his the 200psi and the air releasing.

1 question, what kind of pressure switch are you using? one that looks like this

or one that looks like this

neither of those, its looks like this one,

ah, could be a faulty switch. Which port where you using on the tank for the pressure switch?

Do you have a pressure release valve on the tank? That should cut in at 175psi.

What type of gauge is it? Is it digital?

Have you tried removing the pressure switch to make sure it is not blocked? I had one play up I me once and when I removed it from the tank, a bit of flat debris had somehow blocked the hole???

hello, the switch is mounted on the side port of the 2 gallon ( or 2.5) tank, the drain valve is on bottom. Hornblasters have been great about the whole thing. and are sending me one at a discount price until they deem the original is faulty. I will take it apart today and make sure nothing is blocking the path today or tomorrow.

thanks for all the help folks.

one more question, which switch is the most reliable and least likely to ever break? or is there such a thing?

the gauge is analogue, its a glowshift guage

these ones.