Compressor screeching

I just got a Brand New Viair 480c hooked up to a 5 gal tank. Ive only had it installed 2 days. The first day it ran fine and pumped the tank up but seemed to tank a long time to do so with a slight noise. The second day it had a screeching sound to it on and off. Today it pumped air for a little bit then stopped pumping air in the tank and the screeching is louder then ever? what could be wrong?

wherever you bought it from call em up / take it back. Definately sounds like a warranty issue

u didnt try to oil it did u? lol


If the unit is making a noise like you describe, something may be wrong. Please return to the place you purchased it to, for a replacement. Since its very new, they should exchange it for you, and we will deal with the company directly or their their supplier.