Compressor Setup Help

I’m new to the Air Horn world and need some help figuring out what kind of setup I need for my horns. I currently have an old 26 gallon air tank that I used to use for construction powering my K3LA’s in my Lincoln Town car. I usually have to top off the tank every other day with the compressor in my garage when the pressure drops to about 90psi. I’d like to find a 12V compressor to install in the trunk with the tank but am unsure what to choose. I’m not looking for something that will rapidly fill the tank as I don’t use the horns all the time but I also don’t want to install a compressor that is too small for such a big tank. Any help or recommendations would greatly be appreciated.

Well most(if not all) of the viair compressors are rated for 5 gallons you would need like 5 or 6 of them lol

I would say if you got the money.

If you use a few viairs idk how long they would last pumping that 26 gallon up. I would say maybe a better bet is to reduce the tank down to 10 or so gallons and get 2 smaller compressors that fill up when it hits a certain PSI.

Welcome to the forum. We make that compressor and it will completely fill that tank from 0 to 150 PSI in about 5 minutes. You may not blow the horns very often but think about all of the other stuff you could do.

Welcome. What’s your budget?

The 5 gallons per compressor is for warranty purposes. They can last a long time on bigger tanks, but it’s not guaranteed. You don’t want it/them running for long periods of time. Even a 100% duty cycle compressor needs a break.

So yeah, at least dual compressors on the big tank or take Bryan’s suggestion of a 10 gallon tank with 2 compressors to keep the warranty.

At the moment my budget is rather low but I’m hoping to eventually get enough where I can put a better system in. I guess for the time being I’ll fill the existing tank like I’ve been doing till I can do a proper upgrade. Thanks for the suggestions and help on the proper sizing of compressors to tank size.

As I’ve stated in other posts, I now have Hornblaster’s 540 Conductors Special installed in my Lincoln Towncar. I’m still working on finding time to post some pics but I have a question. When my compressor kicks on, I notice that sometimes when I hit a bump or turn a corner that the compressor will stop for a second or two and then resume until it hits 150psi. Is this a problem with my setup, a compressor that may have issues or is it some kind of safety feature to protect the compressor. I’m not overly worried about it but I’d hate to see it burn up if I let it go.

Could it be the bump was enough to activate the pressure switch?

It’s possible. That had crossed my mind but I’m not sure because the bumps are small and my rear suspension is an airbag system. The car floats across the bumps. It only takes about a minute to fill so I’m not overly concerned with it, I was just curious if this happens to anyone else.

sounds like the bump is tripping up your wiring.

Here’s my suggestion - buy this dual kit for that big tank -

since you’re only filling to 150 you’ll probably be okay with that setup for awhile. Continue using your shop compressor to fill it up to 90 if it ever goes below that.

on the other hand if you were filling up to 200 i’d say you’d want four of those compressors for that tank, maybe even 6.

I forgot to add that I took the 26 gallon tank out and got the complete 540 Conductors Special kit. I now have a 5 gallon tank powering my horns. Everything that is in my car now is straight from Hornblasters.

Sounds like a loose connection somewhere.

Thanks, I’ll look over the whole system today. I made all of my joints with crimp connectors but one may have worked itself loose.