compressor soft start exhaust / air pressure unloader release valve

Hi all,
Been looking for something to release pressure from between
compressor and check valve when pressure switch cuts off
Anyone know of anything that will work


This is the unloading check valve I used on my system. It is a Control Devices CA-12 Load Genie Unloading Check Valve. It is a 3/8" NPT valve, rated for 3 to 12 CFM flow.

The internal moving mechanism could be hurt by excessive torque. The instructions specify 10 ft-lbs of tightening torque, maximum.

Thanks mate, thats what i need but cant find any in the UK

Just in case, a decent rule of thumb for installing each end of it without distorting the internal mechanism is finger snug + 1/4 to 1/2 turn. The female end doesn’t have any pre-existing thread sealer like the male end.