compressor stopped working? (480C)

Hey guys. I have to go to work soon. But I’d like to figure this thing out asap. My compressor stopped working. I have no idea why. I changed the fuse and it still isn’t operable. Its been a few hours since it stopped working and I tried again, so I dont think its from overheating. Its in my trunk and their’s nothing else back there except the compressor.

Anyone got any ideas??

I REALLY hope I can go blastin’ tonite. We’re gonna be video taping tonite and next friday nite for a good compilation.
It should be up in a week or two :wink:

Have you tried direct-to-power with it?
If you do, and it works, check the usuals: relay, grounds, etc.

If it doesn’t, give the compressor a whack - you may have a stuck carbon brush. - It happens once in a blue moon.

whacking it wont void warranty???


No, but it could cause blindness.

Ok. I did direct power. I changed the wire that goes to my pressure switch. It still doesn’t work. I think it is my pressure switch. I’ve had my horn for like one week. if it is broken, is there a warranty?
Lets not get ahead of ourselves though. Right now I’m at my friends house and im trying to test it out. Is there any ways to be sure its the pressure switch?

what were ur results for the direct? did u put black to negative on ur batter and red to positive?

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I got my electrician neighbor to help me. All I know is it works when we bypass the pressure switch. I’m almost positive its the pressure switch. I’ve only had my horns for a week though. kinda sucks…Is there a warranty on defective parts?

At most they are like 20 bucks… HB has em…depending on what psi u r running… u sure the way u connected all the wires is right?