Compressor stopped working

I bought the shocker kit from hornblasters about a month ago. Installed them and love them. Then yesterday I went to turn on my compressor and it no longer works. I checked that I have power leading all the way up to my compressor. Could my pressure switch be bad not allowing it to kick on?

The first thing you should do is empty the tank and then use a multimeter. If no power comes from the pressure switch, then the switch is dead. If power IS reaching the compressor, then it’s probably seized. If no power even reaches the switch then something’s wrong with your connection; the ground or power is probably messed up.

I expect that you’ve checked your main compressor fuse. Do you have the combined pressure switch/compressor relay …? (big blue thing, looks like this)

They are basically a pressure switch and a relay in one -

You can check continuity on the pressure switch (between black & blue) but you can also test for power on your main compressor wire (the white line).

Thewoog has put you onto the right path - check your power wire, then check your earth/ground connection and wire. A lot of the times it’ll be the ground since most people wire to the chassis instead of the (-) battery terminal.

To eliminate the switch entirely out of your troubleshooting, just take the compressor out and hold the two wires directly onto the terminals of a fresh battery. If it’s still not running, then as said above - it’s probably seized or burned out.