Compressor Table..or chart

Can someone make a table showing compressor 0-200 fill times with various tank sizes…the common compressors…
viair 480
air zenith kind
Oasis and so on…with like 5,8,12,20 gallon fill times…also but the best price of each compressor

I input this in table format but all of the spaces are being removed. It is for a single XD3000 (contact Hornblasters for price)

This data should be close to an EDC depending on the RPMs of your engine. An EDC will discharge a lot more oil than an XD3000 unless you’re using our pump.

The Oasis 24V models are faster, for example…10 Gal from 0 to 150 in 1:30.

                                12 Volt Data

Tank pressurization times 2 Gal 5 Gal 10 Gal 16 Gal
Initial pressurization 0 - 150 psi 0:25 0:54 1:47 2:51
Recovery from 120 - 150 psi 0:05 0:11 0:22 0:35

Flat tire inflation times 0-30psi 0-40psi 0-60psi 0-80psi
195/70R14 0:23 0:30 0:48 1:20
215/70R15 0:32 0:43 1:08 1:53
225/70R16 0:41 0:55 1:27 2:25
235/70R16 0:44 0:59 1:34 2:36
245/70R16 0:47 1:03 1:40 2:46
255/70R16 0:50 1:07 1:46 2:56
265/70R16 0:53 1:10 1:51 3:05
275/70R16 0:55 1:13 1:56 3:13
285/70R16 0:58 1:17 2:02 3:23
295/70R16 1:01 1:21 2:09 3:35
305/70R16 1:04 1:25 2:15 3:45

Off road reinflation times 15-30psi
33x12.50R15 45 sec.
35x12.50R15 55 sec.

The information presented in this material is based on technical data and test results of nominal units. It is believed to be accurate and reliable.
It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for his intended use
and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.
Oasis Off Road Mfg. does not warrant, guarantee or assume any obligation or liability in connection with this information.

Single 480C Performance Specs:
Dual 480C Performance Specs:

Each VIAIR pump is rated to fill a 5-gallon tank maximum.
I can’t list prices, because I do not sell direct to the public. -Asking anyone else to list prices would be like slapping Hornblasters in the face, since they own the site.

Please do your own shopping and buy what makes sense to you. The internet makes price comparison simple, and today’s economy makes it easier than ever to call a company and work out a fair deal.

FYI - Most companies do not list all of their specs, at pressure, including amp draw throughout the range of compressor operation. I doubt you will find this information for the Airbagit rebadge unit, or the A-Z. EDCs are built by companies that never intended them to fill air tanks, so you’re likely to have no luck their either unless an independent lab works up the numbers…