compressor vibration

How can i stop it i hear it in the cab and outside TO much…what can be done to silence it some?

put it in a toolbox

use that foam insulation in a can

they should of came with rubber feet to help also

use a sound dampening material underneath which could be a rubber mat.

Use vibration isolators, if the ones that came with your pump are shot, get new ones.
What pump do you have? If its a VIAIR, I’ll send you new ones.

[li]Mount to a solid chassis if possible.
[/li][li]Add additional vibration damping material if possible
[/li][li]Relocate intake filter at least 3 feet away (reduces noise by up to 20%)
[/li][li]Use nylock fasteners whenever possible to eliminate loosening of hardware.

hey lance… i need some of the little metal bushings that go inside the rubber isolator 2 of mine for bent when i was mounting it under my truck last time…

Yeah I have that compressor. Is the compressor just naturaly loud or is it just where it’s installed. It’s almst mounted dead center under the truck

That compressor?

Which would be a VIAIR _________?

There are more than 50 VIAIR models in the line.

400c sorry I have the shocker 240 system is that compressor that loud I mean it can be heard in the house when in the driveway

I would be able to hear both my compressors running on my Tundra when I’m in the garage… Vibration isn’t an issue though, because they’re mounted to my truck chassis.