Compressor won't stop

I have a 165psi on and 200psi off pressure switch and the compressor won’t turn off when it reach 200psi i change the relay, check the fuse, check ground etc… And everything looks good!!! So i have no idea whats going on!! Help pls

Maybe you should get a whole new pressure switch. It thats not it, atleast you already have a pressure switch for when your old one breaks :wink:

Sorry, but I have no clue what it could be.

obviously your pressure switch is broken or not functioning as it should

Fill up to 200PSI. Remove power to the pressure switch. Logically, it will stop. Put power back on the P.S. if it starts back up when at 200PSI, the switch will probably be your problem.

i got a new pressure switch already and it still doing the samething :frowning:

prolly blew ur pressure switch again… those things are easy to blow… i blew one and said honk it… ill replace it sometime… that was like a year ago… still no pressure switch… just get a PSI gauge for ur tank inside ur cab… so u can shut it on and off manually…

1st welcome back scaredu!!!:D:D long time no see u bro! maybe thats what i gonna do

did you check the relay?

yep i even put a new one

yeah sounds like its your pressure switch.


does it keep building pressure after 200 PSI? do you have a safety valve that could be activating and letting the air out before it actually reaches 200 PSI?

my safety valve blow at 235psi

do you have another pressure switch that shuts off at a lower pressure? it might be worth a try and it could help you figure out what’s wrong.

i have one 150psi i will try it

let it go to like 215 and see if it shuts off by then

i’ve had p-switches that go to 210 on accident (once or twice)

Mate, if its still playing up, ship your whole setup over here to the UK and I’ll have a little play, I mean look at it. I think its the Petrol your using or change the radio station, if this dont work, you need to give me your Horns!!! pmsl

lmao now thats !!!FUNNY!!!

And there woz me being deadly serious for a change!!! pmsl:p

Did you say your relief valve will blow at 235 or it already blew at 235? Maybe your pressure gauge is not calibrated and you are looking at it as it is already 200 psi though it is not. Once it reaches 200 let it pump for another 20 to 30 seconds and see what happens, I had the same problem with mine.