Compressors acting up

Trying to get some ideas, Ill honk alot and didnt hear any compressors…I pull over and compressors are not running, they may kick on for a second or just try to do something.

I unhooked the switch so they dont keep trying, I get home and check all my grounds and etc, all looks good, nothing loose.

I doubt its a compressor issue as both of them stopped working at the same time.

Does it sound like a Pressure switch issue? Any ideas what to try before i order another?

wtf prices doubled…

ordered one anyway just incase lol, ill still take ideas incase this one isnt dead.

Didn’t all your shiz burn up last year? Have you checked all your wiring? Could be be a short somewhere.

When it’s acting up, check if any wires are warm/hot.

Yea it did lol, I double checked everything, i checked for anything that was cut, i checked all the connections from the switch to each compressor, everything was good, hopefully its the pressure switch

jeez HB had to over double the price on the damn thing!!

Dang you’re right. I’m sorry, but I would have figured out another option. Like a barrel style PS & 2 relays -or- 2 Viair PSs. Or even a Square D PS.

I like when the relays are built in, makes it look cleaner and easier to wire. Imagine that they have a 1 year warranty that expired 2 months ago. I tried to call them but they were closed :frowning:

Our relays (solenoids) are built in.

New Pressure switch is arriving today, hopefully this was the issue lol

thats gonna be my face in about 2 hours when i get home lol

Bryan mad!!! Hooked up new pressure switch and truck didn’t start so I was like Wtf . Then I remember I used the same ground for fuel pump as compressors so I cleaned them up and compressors working great again I guess I didnt need the Damn pressure switch. Haha guess ill keep old one as back up.

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