Compressors under Vehicles

Matt, Where do you suggest mounting the Viair’s? I have not even taken them out of the box I was gonna call you but this seems better. And I am interested in the lights from the marauder and the siren.

That compressor was pretty much hidden from the elements. it was snug behind the bumper and protected from water spray by the tank. Also it was upside down. I am determined to find a way to mount the Viair’s right side up. I have never had a problem with the 480C and the same tank on the supercrew. for 2 years.

VIAIR Is an unstoppable Compressor.

The Viair’s can truly be mounted any direction. ideally you want the compressors to drain downward into the tank in case of any condensation. I’ve seen water gather in the leader hose and rot out the checkvalve at the end of the compressor’s leader hose, so you really do want it to drain into a tank and then drain your tank ever so often. Also the Viairs (350C and UP) come with the Remote Air Inlet Relocation Kit which is essentially a snorkel (also available as a snorkel kit from Hornblasters for just $13.22) this allows you to run the compressors in the depths of hell and as long as the air inlet is a nice clean dry air supply your compressors will work fine. Bro, that AZ you returned was pretty rough. when we opened it all up it had dirt throughout. (photos for you tomorrow when i get to work)

Cool, I really want to see what the deal is with that thing, I have not been off road since I got my horns put in the first time. I think I am gonna have to come up with some custom stuff. i will be using the snorkel kit I got with the compressors.