Computer Generated Cobra fun!

This is what we do for fun in Canada during our 4 months of summer.
My cobra and and buddy in his Vette. GOOD TIMES! :smiley:
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You gotta love that supercharger wine!

i hate mustangs but sure love those 03-04 cobra’s, how could you not!! lol. my buddy had a 03 with the kenne bell, cannot go wrong!

Need some drifting lesson’s.

loving the supercharger… and ya mate nearly spanked it into those posts… close call! lol

Thats some good computer generated races and burnout’s!! What kinda program do you use?? Im guessing ford and chevy had a hand in the programming


Perhaps you could post some video demonstrating your skills.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, you shoulda seen his face after that, white as a ghost!

It’s the latest photoshop CGI software! :wink: