Conductor Series increase??

I bought the Conductor Special a year ago or so from Matt and it is awesome. I had it installed in several hours. I was wondering how I could improve on the loudness of this setup, not that it isnt loud enough already, but would adding a higher pressure switch (say the 165/200 PSI switch) increase the performance? Currently I believe mine shuts off at 110/150psi or so, whatever the pressure switch is that comes with my setup.

I believe the higher pressure switch should be the trick. More air = LOUD

Now, I heard it could be unsafe to change it if the tank was rated to hold a certain amount of psi.
Someone may want to chime in on this for Im not sure.

The two tanks (3 and 6 Gallon) that they have listed on the website are tested for twice above 150 psi so it says. I want to be sure that I can use the 165/200 pressure switch with my 3 gallon Conductor series tank. It appears as though it will handle it.

I’ve been running my Conductor for about 5 years or so now, and always at 150 PSI. 150 PSI was plenty loud, but I also realize that for the money, its one of the best (louder) setups you can use and just didn’t want to push it for fear of damaging a great horn. Maybe Matt or Tiernan can tell you how much you can safely push the horn…

When I wanted to go louder, I started whining that I wanted a K5LA. Now I’m just waiting to install the K5…

To be honest, I’m afraid at how much louder its going to be…

I too want a K5LA set and I have a friend of a friend at CSX working on that for me…lol…

Will you change to a 165/200 psi pressure switch for the Nathan horns? And also will you go with a bigger tank? My 3 gallon might not be enough for a K5LA setup

Thanks for the advice and I am waiting to ear back from Matt or Tiernan on the 165/200 pressureswitch for my setup. I will let you know

Thanks again

Your tank will hold it, however, If i remember correctly you have a Viair 280C, which sadly is only rated at 150PSI. You would want to upgrade to something like the 380C and a 90118 (the 200 PSI Pressure Switch) and you’d be golden, depending on when you ordered your conductors special you may have to upgrade the Electronic Solenoid Valve included with your horns, if it’s brass bodied, you’re golden ( no pun intended ) if it’s plastic you’ll have to upgrade to our new higher strength solenoid valve as well. I can get you all of this stuff, the 380C, the 90118 pressure switch, and the upgraded valve if needed for $195 shipped to your door. Lemme know!

Matt, In your honest opinion and after hearing the Conductor Set as is, would it really make much of a difference in sound? have you known anyone to have done this set up before? I dont ant the pressure to be too hight and cause a pitch change in the horns. Whats your opinion?

I’ve had my Conductor going on 3 yrs now. I’ve gotten a ton of use and have surely kept up score with most users. I’ve had to replace my compressor once but that’s no big deal. The horns still sound strong and are definitely the gateway to a truly larger horn.

My suggestion if you’re wanting louder horns…do what I’ve done and buy larger horns. My K5 is being installed right now. I wouldn’t put steroids into anything by trying to stretch a buck…it’s worth saving for.

Oh, and hey Matt-- what an awesome idea for this forum!! Thanks :cool:

If you would want to make them louder, heres what I suggest you do…
Upgrade your compressor to like a 480… So you can run 200psi… Upgrade your air lines to 1/2 inch… And your valve to 1/2 inch… But if you do run 200psi it will sound a little more high pitch, more like their screaming… But they will be louder…

If you would want to make them louder, heres what I suggest you do..
Upgrade your compressor to like a 480.. So you can run 200psi.. Upgrade your air lines to 1/2 inch.. And your valve to 1/2 inch.. But if you do run 200psi it will sound a little more high pitch, more like their screaming.. But they will be louder.. 

Dont get me wrong, I love my Conductor Set and it sounds awesome. I might just stick with my initial set up until I can get my hands on a K5LA. I dont want to stress my Conductor Series because it is plenty loud enough. It is just like anything else, we always want more. Back 10 years ago I was into car audio and I thought that 2 12" Subs would be plenty, well, that lasted for a few months. I then had 6 12" Subs installed and then this lead to 8 15" subs. I should have bought the K5LA from the start, knowing myself. I am the type that is never pleased…lol…I always want more and more and the best…lol…anyone else the same way?

yeah the 380 viair’s are great! have 2 of em and 2 5gal tanks 200 psi constant. I’m using the salem graham white handle valve in place of the solenoid activated valving. it’s loud. definately want a nathan p-3 or k5la but with that monster I have a where to mount it problem, the major prob is my xrunner is dropped 3" all around so ground clearance is an issue.

it took me allmost a year to get my system hooked up… it all comes in time… but its worth it… k5s r the way to go… spend the $… call matt up for anything you need… mine have been mounted on my truck for allmost 9 months now… finally putting air to them :eek::eek:

yea i bought the horns before i even bought the truck i mounted them on… i had my horns for like 2yrs before i bought the truck…then i did alot of other workin to my truck before pointin the horns on… i also made sure i got the best stuff…

thats the best way to do it… get the best and do it the right way

i agree…