conductor squeal

i have the conductors special, and lately the sound squeally , seems like only the 2 small horns are sounding,checked everything and found moisture on the top side of the horns (horns facing down) most likely from rain or washing,i take em apart blow em out ,and they sound good foor a little while(month or 2).i dont think i can seal theese tiny holes in the top side ,i can feel air blowwing out of them when in use, there is no moistue in tank what so ever,guess u really cant mount them facing downward …any ideas greatly appreciated…pitcure below

ive had my mounted downward and never squealed… but the horns do have a lifetime warrenty on em…

do u run water traps? if not u could be blowing shit into the horns

I also have mine facing down behind the grill of my toyota with no problems.

If you dont have a water moisture trap on then they will blow poop into them…all that crud on the bottom of the tank…i would put a cover around the top of the bells just to protect the top seals…like a piece of small tin metal.