Conductors Special 540 Install on 2011 F150 - Pics included

Ok so finally got it all worked out in my head. I gotta tell ya though, HornBlasters instructions suck a big one. For someone that knows nothing about any of this, they could never do it alone. It took me a week of looking at other peoples installs to come close to being able to do this. I even had to call HornBlasters to find out why my compressor was not kicking off at 150 PSI. I thought my tank would blow up so at 154 I shut it down and called them. Turns out its set to 150 but give or take 10% and to just let it run and it would shut down. It got to 156 and turned off…whew.

Anyway, mounted my 5gal tank and compressor under the back rear bumper of my lifted truck.

Had to weld a bracket to the underside to hold my compressor. Basically made a small shelf for it to sit on.

I then removed my spare tire (with my new 35" Nitto Terra Grapplers there was hardly a reason for a spare right?) and removed the tire holder and the metal shield. Nice clean space to install my horns. I purchased a sheet of 12 gauge steel from Lowes. Very flimsy but easy to cut with some of those metal scissor things. Saw someone else do it this way and it looked like the best method for my install as well.

Mounted the horns on the metal sheet and screwed the metal sheet to the cross bars under the truck. Put the 90 degree angle connectors on each horn and ran them to the solenoid which I mounted on another crossbar.

Ran the wires, grounded it all nicely underneath the bumper and even stuck a quick connect (also purchased at Lowes) since I have a 5 gal tank.

Think I did a damn good job considering that I don’t do this kinda stuff. Ran wire loom on everything (also purchased at Lowes) and used wire ties to secure it all (also purchased at Lowes).

I will take pictures of the inside of the hood where I ran the thick red wire with the fuse and where it went inside the cab. Will also take pictures of my switches (did 1 toggle for the compressor and 1 for the horn) and ran the digital gauge. Was scared to death cause I bought the hole drill saw thing (again from Lowes) and was like…holy crap I am getting ready to cut holes in a brand new truck. After the first hole it was down hill from there.

I have to find a nice push button momentary switch that uses and same larger prongs as my toggle switches. Until then I just have 2 toggles. Again will take pictures of those tomorrow as its to dark out now to take pictures.

O yea forgot to say, OMFG these things are loud as all get out! Everyone loves it and I can’t stop grinning. I am 38 yrs old and this is my very first truck. Bought it 3 months ago, put a 4" Rancho lift on it with 35" Nitto Tires and RBP wheels. Got a Bedrug in the back with a folding tonneau cover. And the icing on the cake is my brand new train horn!

Firstly, Welcome to the forum.

Thats a nice clean tidy install there matey. :smiley:

I’m a little surprised you had trouble with the instructions. Did you have a big A4 sheet with a schematic drawing on it??

Looks good!

Love it.

re: your notes on the instructions, I was in the same boat, learning on the fly. But the forum members here were SO helpful!

I did find I did have to read them a few times over a few drinks before I had it down.