Confused about what switches are involved for the Shocker540xl

I think I’m picking up this kit for my truck, but I don’t quite understand how many switches there are and what exactly they do.

I am trying to keep my truck looking stock without many switches everywhere. I would like only one switch that toggles the Shockers on or off when I use the regular horn(and I don’t care if the factory horn goes off when the Shockers do).

What other switches are used? Controlling when the compressor is running? I thought it would only run when the pressure is low(after use).

On another note, would the following switch work to toggle the Shockers on/off when I use my horn(I would replace the panel/label with something more appropriate):


you dont need any switches if you dont want any, i use two toggles, to switch from stock horn, shockers, k3, none, or shockers and k3 at once… but i would reccomend just haveing one 2 way toggle to go from your stock and yout train horns thats all the toggle you need, some jusy go overboard on them IMO

Ok, I can handle one toggle. But I guess part two of my question is can I replace the toggle with an aftermarket switch like the one I posted above so my interior remains stock looking.

I don’t know which switch to get…“single momentary”, “double momentary”, and how many pins? Thanks for the help.

you mean like me?

i have one dual switch as in … on – off – on

one way is stock horn, the other is train horns… i dont like the momentary stuff, i like honking thru the stock horn button

i bought 2 toggle switches on a small plastic pannel from Radio Shack for <$4.
I mounted it on an existing screw in front of the hood release.
Looks like it belongs there.

and u do need 2 switches
1-to switch on and off horn solenoid
2-to turn off compressor.

sucks if ur getting pulled over and compressor humming
no good if compressor is taxing system when starting car
wife hates compressor good to be able to flip it off (compressor not wife )

when you get pulled over you turn off your car which turns off aux power, which turns off your compressor… one switch is needed

A single momentary will work. The link you provided is a switch rated for 20 A which is more than enough to power the valves we sell without a relay (it never hurts to use one though).

The kit does come with a small 6 A toggle as well. You might consider installing this somewhere discreet as a kill switch. This can be useful… for example: if you wire your horn through it you can provide anyone borrowing your vehicle using it.

As mentioned above, when wired correctly the compressor will only turn on when low pressure while the key is on the ‘on’ position. However, you can always wire it through the kill switch as well to add some extra functionality.

i dont turn my car off when pulled over, actually got pulled over last night it was 94 degrees out, wuda died in the heat

i like the compressor kill thats just me

switches attached in off position:


When the Old bill pull us over at the roadside, they normally check lights and stuff, some cars you need the ignition on, thus compressor kicks in! I had one switch for horns or stock and another for compressors!