conical debris/snow shields

well just got the shock of my life! I e-mailed a request for availability and cost for the snow shields for ny k3la I just purchased.
the site is they are the mfg of the over the road and regular Nathan horns.well needless to say they are very proud of their products. the #1 & 2 bells are 56.00 per bell, the #4bell is 65.00.thats the shield and one clamp each bell ! $177.00 total!:eek: glad I didn’t buy a k5 horn!:smiley:

I would just make some before I’d pay that. Their stuff didn’t used to be that high. I ordered a #5 P bell from them for 120 shipped like 4 months ago and now it’s $135 just for the bell with no backcap, bolts, diaphragms, nothing. They said the price increase is due to a price increase in metal costs.

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i made my own covers :smiley:

mine were free…

mine look better…LOL

my whole truck looks better…LOL

mine dont need covers cuz they point down :smiley: beat that!

Mine don’t need covers because they stay in my room lol Do I win?

LOL i think thats the worse…lol