Connecting air line to tank

What am I missing here? How do I attach the air line to my viair tank? The air line is 1/4". Is it supposed to go over the fitting? I don’t see how, because the air line is hard plastic. The tank is the 20005 2 gallon model with the compressor on top.

With nut on the fitting.

Without the nut.

Air line next to the fitting.

Looks like a compression fitting to me almost… tough to tell if there is an inner lip on the one pic…

Try to slide the nut on the line first, and then slide the line onto the male end, then tighten the nut and see if it compresses the hose onto the male end. (possibly barbed end)

Yeah it’s a compression fitting, but not sure what size airline it’s for.
Was it all part of a kit?

This is what I bought

There is no way the air line is going over that fitting. The air line is hard plastic, and it’s the same size as the fitting on the tank.

Here’s another pic showing the size of the air line and fitting. Since they are the same size I cant slide the air line over it. I feel like im missing something completely obvious, but i’m wondering if Viair installed a bigger valve than they were supposed to.

Here is a closeup shot of what it looks like from the Amazon picture. Mine looks completely different

I don’t think that’s for 1/4" tubing.
Haven’t messed with compression fittings, but you should be able to tell by the inside diameter of the nut.

Also from the Viair 20005 product page:

1/2" NPT port compression fitting for 3/8" air line pre-installed.

All the compression fittings I’ve ever seen have a sleeve.

I think my tank got the wrong fitting. Look at this photo

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I think I got the wrong fitting on my tank. Here is a comparison photo of what I got vs the Amazon photo.

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Bottom line is that if the tube doesn’t match the fitting, something has to change. If you bought everything together from one vendor, they should be able to help you. If not then you’ll have to do whatever is cheaper or better upgrade. For example, get bigger airline instead of a smaller fitting.

You should be able to measure the opening of the nut to determine the required tubing size.

Yep, you have the wrong fitting. You should have either A- 1/2" tubing or B0 a 1/4" hose fitting.

After the air comes out of the tank, where does it go? If ti goes to a junction and splits out to a couple of those 1/4" lines (one for each of your horns), maybe you should use the 1/2’ and get a new junction to accomodate it. It will allow more air flow to that point.