considering running dual train horns-one on each side of truck

i am thinking about running 2 sets of horns on my truck. i have one set of united pacific chrome 3 trumpet horns on the left side of my 91 suburban. i am thinking of getting a 4 trumpet and putting on the right and hooking them together. anyone know what that might sound like keeping in mind that i dont have any high dollar true train horns just chrome shop specials

No idea what they’d sound like, but I’d be concerned about vandalism or a fender bender?

i know the chrome 3 horn and the hb4h horn i had that i ran together sounded like crap

i dont have to worry about vandalism the horns are only $150 each and they wont be visible on the truck you would have to look for them to see them you would have to know i have them to even look

if you want 2 sets run 2 sets of the same horns otherwise it will screw up the chords of the horn

it’s one thing to have dual horns,that sound good and shock,then again there’s the aggrevating noise of dual horns with dual tones…that’s just plain wrong. :smiley: