Cool bike stunts.......

I got sent this and just had to share it with you guys…nothing to do with horns…but this dude has balls!!! lol:D

that guys pretty bas donkey!

I love the way this automatically changes the swear words… lol donkey donkey breast breast lol

Saw this yesterday, the guy is bad-bum!
Did you notice that the bicycles he rides have either very low mounted seat, or no seat at all? Very trick bikes!

Higher seats get in the way when doing tricks and jumps. very cool video

He’s been doing that for long time to get that good.


Damn that guy has balls, imagine how many times he fell down to get those perfect…
Right on, good find!

yes I liked it , I can imagin how low its geared are or at least the sprockets are on that bike, and how lite the bike is. it would be cool to show off like that in the middle of town.

dude that was awesome

he’s in good shape!