Cop'd a DVD camcorder ! YEAH !!

Finally after eions I finally picked up a video cam.nothing fancy it’s a panasonic VDR-D50 circuit city on I can be a video whore like my buddy Buckmaster! j/k lol ! terror on the streets of Orange Park to come soon :smiley:

lookin forward to it

nice…i wannt cop a HD camcorder

I looked till I saw the $$$ signs! ouch.:eek::smiley:

my buddys dad and him both grabbed a few HD camcorders for less then 400 bucks…and really good ones too

I’m using a Panasonic miniDV takes pretty good video but night shots suck

Yeah I still need a quality camcorder and a dash mount.

been 3 days…plenty of time…wheres some videos at??lol

Yea vids or I dont believe you… haha