Cops cops cops!!!!!

DO NOT BLOW WHEN A COP IS NEAR!!! I got a ticket today bc i honked it at a bicyclist on the road and he almost fell. yes it was hilarious AND i got a ticket but it was worth it. (i didnt know the cop was two cars behind me)

i always look around a little before i hit the horn
ive been lucky so far

how much was ur ticket?

honk never been busted before but honk em ahaha cant stand having to look around for them before i blow.

i wanna be a cop some day but bro i hate when they give me tickets!!!

i have 3 speeding tickets
1 seat belt
1 cuz of the train horn

i have paid a total of 600 or more in tickets! the expensive one was on my way to west palm beach, a highway patrol car stop me cuz going 65 miles in a 55 mile construction zone…

i wanna be a cop some day but bro i hate when they give me tickets!!!

i have 3 speeding tickets
1 seat belt
1 cuz of the train horn

Damn, your working on a criminal record there…lol…I am 36 and have NEVER in my life had a ticket. (many friends/family are cops, relative is police Chief, Boss’s sister-in-law is the prosecuting atty)…(cough)(cough)…lol…

u dont wanna be a cop and have a record…its harder to be one

with that record its almost impossible… better slow down now lol

i know! my last speeding ticket was in June last year and since that i have no speeding tickets just this one cuz of the train horn… Every what time you record cleans up? or u gotta pay to clean it up?

I think your record will always be with you. How long does it take for it not matter anymore?

it will always be with u, it depends on whose looking at the record. for example if insurance is looking at it. they see the basics… lets say u got tickets but went to school for it. then they see nothing.

if your going to court regarding a ticket, they can see i believe up to 5 years back. The higher authority you are the farther back you can see. But nothing ever gets erased.

correct me if im wrong plz

That’s what I was trying to say but I think you broke it down nicely.

I haven’t been cited for anything since 1995… that ticket was for 65mph in a 55mph zone, about 2 months before the speed limit increased to 65mph.

I have been pulled over for doing 95 mph in a 65 mph area on the freeway on my crotch rocket, and let go - twice… same cop.

I’m seriously due to get popped… ha !

ok thanks guys

WOW SAME GUY? he didnt say anything to u lol? over here state troopers are the worst and 1 actually let me go cuz i pulled over right away lol. what about in otehr states?

congratulations man

state troopers are sucks!!! they never let you get away down here in miami honk them lol

Wow dude. Yeah thats really bad. I have one speeding ticket (also want to be a cop). Depending on what age you got those tickets, it can be a ball buster. You should really invest in a radar detector. It has saved me from getting my license suspended (like 90 in a 45…yah I know it was dumb). The train horn and seat belt are even more of a worry. I’d just try to not get anymore tickets.

i have it the worst of all

1 ticket for 'Imporper and unsafe U-turn" which was a BS ticket…cost like $200

1- Loud Sound makin device-
1- Speeding
1- Follwing to closely

idk how u can speed and follow to closely lol…
^ all taht cost like $500 and 12 hours of traffic school

Recent one: Speeding 47 in 35 $450 ticket… paid a lawyer 150 to take care of it…he did but then i had fwking $300 in court costs so that really pissed me off… he didnt tell me about that

i think tickets go away in 3 years but im not sure i have never had a speeding ticket
my problem is not speeding its that a like to accelerate as fast as i can up to the speed limit then lay off lol