Ever get tires put on at Costco? Every time before pulling into a bay or pulling out of a bay they have to Honk the horn twice.


Not only did it scare the hell out of all the tire techs, I was in the meat dept in the far back and it echoed through the entire building scaring every shopper in the building. Lets just say they had a fun time finding out how I fit K5LA’s in a 2005 Scion xB

Hey man,

Saw the name and I was curious; do you live in the Boise area?


I do! You from the area or live here as well?

haha I just had to fill my tank and at the gas station I asked the attendant (over here, you pull over and someone fills your tank up for you… no need to get out of the car ) I asked him if he heard a car with a train horn, he said no… He got a blast afterwards. both figuratively and literally. :wink:

Yup, I live in the area but I work overseas and won’t be home till summer.

Right now I have a K3LA on my Dodge 3500, and I’m hoping that I can finish the paint on my K5LL when I come home.

Guess this makes us the only two in Boise with horns.


HAHAHAHAAHA oh man, I wish I could have been there xD

There is someone else, I honked downtown a couple nights ago and was getting a loud response from myrtle or front street from someone else.

LOL, not mine … you would have known if they were mine.

I live more towards Meridian.


I have only seen Coeur d’Alene but if Boise is anywhere near as beautiful then I wouldn’t mind moving there.