couple things here

First off how the hell is everyone? Its been a damm long time since of got on here, ps ltns to everyone i talked to along time ago. Onto business here, i havent had my horn setup in operation for a year as i had to scrap my old escort a while ago man i miss having that manscort fully loaded with train horns =(. First order of business are the horns themselves, i remembered when i first joined this forum matt had that video of sword fighting with the black horns and saying something along the lines of these horns will not break and if they do send in what you got and they will be replaced. Is this still true? Because a couple years ago i went off in a ditch in the winter time and one of my bells snapped off the diaphram, i could never find the bell in the snow but i still have the diaphram. So my question is if i sent in the diaphram to you guys would you replace it? Because i only have 3 horns now which defeats the purpose of the black 4 horn set. Second thing is i just found this morning that my 2 gal air tank and viair air compressor was stolen out of my shed. Ive got a 1991 ford ranger now and i so want my train horns rolling again. I was thinking about buying that 8 port 12 gallon tank, question is what size viair air compressor would i need to fill that bad boy up?

Ps se7en and scaredu are you guys still around?

I have the 12 gallon tank and 2 444c’s. THe compressors warrantys are good for 5 gallons.

Ive been rocking 2 444c’s for a few years now with no problems.

Thanks man.

I have been using my V-Air 380’s since 2010 and they still pressure up to 200Psi! Also could see if you can find an old A/C Compressor out of an old car would also fill your tanks up QUICK! but they require oil. (The York 210 is Popular for this because of the oil ressivor in the crank case.)

Welcome back - you can only stay away for so long…hahaha

I wouldn’t hesitate to use 2 compressors on 12 gallons, but I take care of my stuff. So it’s up to you if you want to void the warranty.

scaredu shows up from time to time, the last post was 4 weeks ago.

se7en hasn’t on here for awhile, since December, and there’s “censored” under his name.

Yo hommie! Yea call up hornblasters and they will tell you what to do as far as replacement. They were good to me with my broken horns

Yeah welcome back! I had a cracked bell & they sent me a replacement free of charge (except for the shipping to the UK costs):smiley:

Twist bro wth is up brother! Ltns. I called em and replacing free of charge was a no go, because going off a ditch in the winter time is considered a vehicle accident and they dont do that so it was 40$ for a new bell. So being that someone stole my compressor, air tank and every brass fitting under the sun that i need for the kit, plus my pressure switch and air valve. So even though i have 3 horns still i have to pretty much buy a whole new kit. So monday im ordering the conductors special model 540 kit minus 3 horn bells for 516.

I guess that makes sense really, ditches dont count! lol:D at least your getting it sorted:D:D