Cracked Block

I got a 20 foot sea ray boat out of a public auction for $100. great deal the boat is in good condition the interior was in need of some work and then i notice the previous owner didnt drain all the water out before winter and now i have a cracked block and head. the cracks are rather small tho. my dad had a cracked block before and a guy welded it with a coat hanger haha i was just wondering if anyone else out there has heard of such thing or anything i can do to fix this problem without having to pull the whole motor and buying a new one.

f you wanna do it right, and make it reliable, pull it out and do it

well if it is possible to weld the cracks i will pull out the whole motor. I am just asking if anyone else has done this or heard of anyone doing so. i know that once the motor starts to heat up the cracks will expand and can cause more problems.

the block is comprimised of its structural integrity forever no matter what you do to fix it. i would alway be ready to paddle if you weld it.

i only paid 100 dollars i should just get insurance on it and blow it up. haha i took the motor out and looking for a new one to drop back in. then after that ill be looking for a set of horns

Woody, you gotta get a ship horn on ya boat mateā€¦ How funny would that be? Ha ha ha

ya thats exactly why my insurance in so expensive