craiglist seller alert

The guys on hornwhistleboard are sending out a warning about this and other listings - - the thread on their forum is titled “JIM SMITH & Seller Alert…Please read”. They know the real Jim Smith and say the scammer is using his name and reputation.

this is from one of the posts:

"Beware, this listing is still active despite having been flagged for removal.
This guy obviously isn’t even smart enough to keep track of who he’s been trying to scam. He called me back twice, after I had already said I was not interested. Each time he began to run down his b.s. story without even realizing he had already spoken to me.

If anyone has lost any money over this, I would like to know about it, just PM me.

Spread the word to the other collector forums, as this guy also claims to collect vintage Japanese motorcycles and small antique engines, (yet he has no mechanical skills) and claims to own exotic sports cars like Bugatti Veyron…yet he couldn’t answer me when I asked him what exactly the second Bugatti key does."