Crazy snow accident vid.

Check out this video. You will find yourself yelling at the screen for people to get out of the way !

lol poop that hill is bad

lmao i find myself laughing and wanting more!! lol

Saw one like that in Oregon … man, talk about the gene pool needing some Clorox.

wow thats nuts!
the hill doesn’t even look that steep

I drive up hills 10x that steep and slick in a fully loaded semi like it ain’t no thang… these people are chock full of fail. I’ll throw a video up of these hills I’m talking about as soon as I get back. In the mean time these will have to do.

love the old R model mack man, we used to have a couple and still got one as a salt truck they run great. That video was great though if i were in that ford i wouldnt even get out of my truck cause that guy made a complete idiot out of himself

What a great way to meet new people…LOL

love how the jeep makes it with no problem hahaha

ru from

looks like my trucker game i play lol

extreme trucker 2

really uses my i7 @ 5ghz lmao