Crazy train goes through market

I thought this was pretty crazy!


I was stationed at an Air Force Base 50 miles from Bangkok for 1 year in 1974. A few of us would go there quite often and we saw a lot of it including their river market but we didn’t see that one.
There are very many Buddhists temples and one of them had a solid gold Buddha statue in the sitting position, about 4 feet tall, but the best one was the Emerald Buddha about 18 inches tall that stayed in the main temple.

Crazy is right! Holy cow, those sucker’s aren’t exactly driving through at snail’s pace either. There must be a stack of people and innocent vegetables that get cleaned up over there by those trains.

I was wondering how often they have to pick up market for it to come through! Crazy Thai’s

Thats completely & totally insane! lol The UK has gone Health & safety mad & that kinda thing would never happen over here lol.