Crown Vic Install

I have been working on this since the day i got the car in January but since i have a 2 month old baby, I havent had that much time to work on it. But I did want to share with you guys the install and updates as i go along.

This was what the horns looked like after i pulled them off of my truck.

This is what it looked like before i put them on the car.

Taken off the front bumper to put the horns on. Now I didnt know if they would fit or not. I know K3 would fit on a Murauder but i dont know about K5’s

Anothe pic of the front

So far so good. I had to move two bells to make it fit just right

They’re in but i did have to trim some of the fiberglass on the bumper but very little. No other fabrication to make them fit.

Making a box for the trunk to help reduce noise and make it look cleaner

A lot of test fitting

This is what it will look like. there will be a cover door on the front. Im in the middle of covering the box with carpet

Sorry if the pics are crappy. They were all taken with my phone. I’ll update everyone as i go but it may take a lil bit. Family first!!! oh, and the only dollar spent on this was on a 1/2 inch 90 for the pressure switch to fit. All supplies were from my shop(work).

thats awsome
got any videos of the horn blowin

Well the car isnt done yet but i will see if i have any when i had them on the truck. I think my friend might have video or two.

looks like that ish was a pain in the donkey

haha gotta love a k5 in the grille! nice job man!

wow thats a nice install there bud

D@mn richard i really like the box and the K5’s.

Yea, its a pain but i know its well worth the honk.

Right now i dealing with the wiring before i put the box in. I just got done puttin the carpet on. What a pain that was!!!

it wasnt as bad as everyone thinks,the only part that sucked was the glass trimming,i couldnt breath at all,but other than that just alot of trim/reinstall x 45

not sure if this guy will respond but…

How did you mount the box for the tank and compressors up there? The fuel tank is right under that top shelf… is there a small amount of clearance to drill through? Also what is the horn mounted to?

Ill try to respond as possible. Also, smart thinking on PMing me on TR cuz it sends me a notice to my phone.

The box is not bolted or drill to the bottom of the trunk due to the fuel tank. Its bolted down on the side and to the back. The only drilling that was done was to the right of the air tank where the line goes thru. But i measured about 20 times before actually drilling. There was enough space on the side where the line fit in between the frame and the fuel tank and the line runs down the frame to the front where the solenoid sits in the bumper. The line then goes to a 90 that is screwed directly into the horn. I would have but the soleniod directly to the horn but would not fit. It would have hit the radiator. The 90 alone is less than a half inch away. but the horn cant move at all.

Now i dont know if this will work on an older CVPI but i had to take the bumper support completely off just to put them on. On the front core support… you can run a peace of flat steel with the horns bolted to it. The hornblaster marauder had K3’s in the front. So it may be easier to put that in the front and K5 in the back like they did.

The tank is a 12 GAL that i had to cut the legs off cause it sat too high. I reweled flat pieces of medal so that i could still bolt it down. I couldnt even fit the tank in there with the fittings on. I had to put the tank in first and then screw in all fitting like the pressure switch that is on the top.

If you have anymore questions…LMK. I will try to answer when possible.

thanks for responding… and yeah after looking in my aero’s grill I don’t think a k5 will fit in the grill. The newer body style must have a lot more space.

So you just used straight sheet metal screws through the wood in the back and on the sides to whatever was behind it? Do you think there is there any alternative to welding to make the tank fit up there? I like the idea of having it up and out of the way but I don’t know how to weld nor do I have a welder…

For the tank… you can cut the leg as low as you can then spread them like i did my gurl last night. lol. Thats another option. just make sure you bend them equally or the tank could be off balance.

The flat steel can be screwed in with self tappers but i would drill and bolt them on each side to the core support. I welded cuz i have a friend who has one and i know how to. plus its a lot stronger.

Its a really tight fit for the k5’s in the new cvpi. i had to move horns around to make it fit right but it has a slight lean to it(very little) to make it fit.

Nice install

rich… you workin for another kid? lol or just practicin?

on the top shelf there is a latch that you can mount the box to. well at least thats what i did for my 1999 crown vic. the hose i ran up from where the spare tire is and under the carpet. you couldnt even tell it was there. as for the horns there is a front brace in front of the radiator that can support a K5. nice clean install

thats pretty nice tho i wanted to get a black crown vic but i had to settle for a blue. it only cost me 500 dollars so i cant be too mad about it.

need a lightbar? i got one for salleeeee haha its called the supervisor. its a undercover LED strobe bar that goes against your windshield so you dont get the glare off the glass.

any pics of the strobe?

also I think the front end is a little redesigned on your 99 compared to my 96… i dont think there’s enough room up front for me

The install is sick man. I love it. I know its going to sound great. Im a major fan of horns up front. It helps you make sure not to rear-end anyone. Im coming to Tampa in January, I hope I hear some horns!

wow! very impressive install. haven’t heard of many k5’s on a small car. is it completely done?

crown vic is NOT a small car by any means lol