***crucial questions***

Okay, I’m not sure if I’ll get a response before my car goes in for the install but I’ll give it a shot. I just spend about an hour outside, on my back, looking for ways to avoid putting them behind my bumper. I took all of the advice that you guys gave me and tried to be creative yet practical. I found out that I can open up some space by my wheel wells by removing some plastic pin/bolts. So I’m hoping that the two smaller horns can be mounted there. Then I saw this fairly large space that I thought I could mount the bigger ones on…and then it dawned on me. That is my gas tank…that would be bad. Luckily, I found an even bigger spot called the trunk to mount them on. The second largest could be mounted horizontally, on the left rear side of my car, crossing under the exhaust pipe. Finally, the biggest one could be mounted to the trunk, facing whatever direction. The great thing that these all have in common is…they are all VERY close to the trunk, which will be the home for my compressor. My questions are fairly basic. Are my ideas good or am I breaking obvious rules? Does each piece of 5/16 air line have to be the exact same size? If I don’t have enough of the 5/16 line, could I use a braided 1/4 line with adapters or a copper line with adapters as a substitute? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. My install is at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

The only thing I’d advise is to not mount the horns too close to your exhaust. 4in away should be far enough, but too close is never a good thing. The same goes for the airline… its rated to 140F (60C).
Try to keep at least 5in of free space in front of the bells. If they’re covered up the sound will be muffled.
Then as far as the airline lengths they don’t have to be exactly the same length. They should be within a couple feet of each other though. The closer the better.
If you need more airline you can purchase any length or you can use alternative hosing like the 1/4in braided. If you use smaller tubing like that its only recommended for use between the horns and the manifold fitting. The feed line (manifold to valve to tank) should be 5/16 or larger.
I hope this helps answer your questions