Cruise ship custom horns! We Will Rock You!

I don’t know anything about this, just saw it on FB. I wonder how they chose the horns! Computer controlled sequence.

MSC Splendida?

Great video!

Thanks a lot!

Now I need to get one of those for my boat!

How many Oasis compressors are required to supply that air volume?

Apparently it’s an LRAD (Long Range Accoustical Device) which is used as an anti-piracy measure.

In that second video they are apparently the dishes you can see hung over the side at 2.31
Makes more sense than a horn array. Way too many notes being played there.

Yea i was wondering how the heck they were able to adjust the volume… in the Youtube vid, it was quiet at first. I suspected some crazy a$$ speakers but wasn’t sure if it was possible that such speakers exist!

Anti-piracy, exactly what I was thinking would be an excellent application for this. Full volume and aim for the pirate ships at full throttle! Don’t mess with us.

Now… how do we get some and what drives them!? Probably 100,000 watts or so!

Their top model seems to only use about 1400 watts peak by looks of the specs…

[li]Maximum Continuous Output: 162dB SPL @ 1 meter, A-weighted[/li][li]Sound Projection +/- 15° at 1 kHz/-3dB[/li][li]Communications Range: Highly intelligible voice messages over distances up to 5,500 meters; max range of 2,000 meters over 88 dB of background noise.[/li]6+ dB above background noise is based on field trials conducted by independent sources.

You’ll probably need a 100,000 in mulla though to buy one :slight_smile:

2,000 watts?
I guess they are using a bunch of them to amplify the sound. It takes a lot more power than that for that demonstration I’m sure! I mean, it’d beat out a music competition SUV probably unless it just seems really loud in the video. - hmm not as loud as I originally thought. Sounds about right for 2K watts I suppose. Maybe 2 for each side of the ship?

An RV with a hidden K5 train horn in the front! The door opens up pneumatically it sounds like. Wonder if the RV came with that door mechanism.

Hope it holds up, sounds like it’s pretty rough

Yup… just like this one :wink:

As long as it doesn’t require 1.21 jigawatts…

What an awesome thread! Loving the ship playing we will rock you & then the super cool contraption on the RV!!:smiley: