currently in FL

Just landed this afternoon… was in Ontario CA this past week and now going to stay at a hotel here in Orlando until Wed next week.

Any nice places to visit besides disney and Universal studios? Would love to drop by HB headquarters but we don’t have a car to drive the 50+ miles :stuck_out_tongue:

hoping to hear some train horns on the road :rolleyes:

No car?? Go steal one…lol or u could rent…hah

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Check out Bush Gardens in Tampa, FL… cheaper and the rides there kick a$$. Especially the new one… Cheetah Hunt.

If you’re going to be in the Disney area and not Tampa… check out Old Town. It’s an old style town with stores and some cool things to do. Free to walk around and BS… everything you want to do cost a little. It’s something different and they should still have there sweet car show ever Saturday night.

G. (noob Honker from Central Florida)

steal? I would like to be able to go back home lol

we plan to rent a car for a day on sat maybe. they were talking about the dollar rent or something like that.

my dad doesn’t want to go out as far as Tampa (due to no traspo). just the area around Orlando. We are currently staying in Holiday Inn in Disney world resorts so any place nearby is great. :wink:

We’ll check out Old Town. Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I saw two cars with shocker stickers but no horns were heard :smiley: Went to the Old Town too. :slight_smile: so much to see so little time.

We’re now in SF. United airlines kept delaying our flight to sac and decided to cancel it. We will just refund the ticket instead. Luckily we know someone here in SF :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad ya liked it. I always try to hit up Old Town when I’m in that area. Did you get a chance to catch there Saturday night car show (if they even still do it)?


SF = San Francisco?

I’m only 20 minutes north…

I think they still do but we missed it. we got there at 11pm already.

yep. but I’m in Sacramento now after a 2-1/2hr drive. :slight_smile: going to be back there after a few days before we go back to asia.

Mate, its a shame you never got to go to HB HQ.

I wanna know if its true they all live on a Lama farm dressed as Trappist monks?

I’m only 30min from HB warehouse in Zephyrhills. I didn’t think they had a store front to go visit. I know Matt (a regular on one of our local radio shows always promotes his website and never a store.


I just been listening to cowhead radio… their barking mad!

Yea… this past week has almost all been replays due to contract negotiations. Cowhead has been number one in this market for years and is now holding out to have the forced five songs an hour (during afternoon drive) removed so he can fill that time up with show content.

Rumor has it the show will be live again starting Monday.

And BTW… if you think he’s “barking mad” check out the morning show on that same station… or The parity songs are second to none. Most entertaining morning show you’ll find… anywhere.


back home now. and broke too lol