Custom Toggle Switches?

I saw a few installs where some folks had large push buttons that said compressors and horn and stuff like that. Does anyone know where you can buy these?

Also, do they make a push button switch that does not click in? Like I want to be able to simply push a button and hold it and be able to just let go and it stop. Most that I am seeing are push in and it clicks so you gotta push it in again.

Thought I remembered one where a guy made his own, but can’t find it. Google search didn’t help much either. Do you have an example of one you found?

Yes, it is called a “momentary” switch or button. Very common.

Custom toggles can be had from places like custom computer shops online, because there is a huge market there for it and it’s all 12VDC.

And the switch you’re talking about is known as a momentary switch or starter switch, available at automotive shops like Napa, PepBoys, AutoZone, etc…


Easier to just have a toggle switch for your stock horn

And can someone tell me what these are and where they go?

They are for remotely mounting the intake air filter for your Viair compressor. There is a small length of tubing that came with it and slips over the barbs. (and maybe a couple clamps?) Use it if you need to move the air filter to a dry location. Otherwise just leave the filter mounted right to the compressor head.

It’s like this

Yea looks nice but I am gonna put a toggle for the compressor and then a push button for the horn instead of to the stock horn.

they’re called “hose barb fittings” if you didn’t get that from ear2ear’s description.